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Fred W. Pospeschil

    Mr. Pospeschil's contributions to the SourceForge repository are focused on examining, describing and implementing methods required to generate map backgrounds which can be be displayed on computer monitors and transformed into hardcopy.  The central effort in this project is titled Making Maps With Computers.  This can be accessed at:

    Separate projects which support, and are an integral part of, this one include:

    Java Map Projection Library (JMPL)

    Micro World Data Bank 2 (MWDB2)

    FWP Graphics Utilities

    ICONs - GIFs and PNGs

    Java Code Speed Test


    Mr. Pospeschil grew up in Southern Wisconsin and earned a MS in Economics from the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater.  Later, he earned a MA in Economics from the University of Chicago.  He retired as a Lt Colonel from the United States Air Force after holding positions as a supply officer, intelligence officer, computer programmer, systems analyst and nuclear war targeting planner.  After retiring, he worked over fifteen years as programmer, systems analyst, and project manager for Science Applications Inc (SAIC).  During these years his work was focused on supporting the nuclear war planning functions of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) and the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff (JSTPS).

    After retiring for the second time, he and his wife moved to North East Wisconsin and the shore of Lake Michigan.  There he  travels and cruises with his wife, fishes for salmon and steelhead trout, refinishes wood boats, reads, carves wood and builds radio controlled model boats.  This programming project occupies many of his winter hours.  A few photos relating to his activities are provided below.


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